Our History

Inspired by the late Bayard H. Friedman, the advisory board has spearheaded and facilitated a most successful School Incentive Program—Score A Goal in the Classroom. A program designed to encourage and motivate students, kindergarten through 12th grade, with positive rewards and an opportunity to raise grades, achieve better attendance, and become a more responsible citizen.

It is a collaborative effort between the business community, school personnel, professional sports, and entertainment venues. Individual and local businesses contribute a wide variety of awards, incentives and programs by donating time, products, services and financial assistance. Superintendents are contacted and presented the program. School board members and school representatives are contacted and asked to furnish a breakdown in their district as to the number of students in all schools.

Teachers establish student goals in needed areas where students can earn special awards in the form of free tickets to area sporting events and entertainment venues. Tickets are then distributed to the schools at the end of each grading period. In 1999-2000, 34 school districts and 19 private and church schools in Johnson, Parker, and Tarrant counties participated in the program. 197,000 ticket vouchers and passes to Metroplex sports and entertainment venues were distributed to 108,350 students.

Score a Goal in the Classroom is designed so that area students can participate in a program that has been proven to provide them with opportunities that positively affect their educational experience and future success. In relation, it is also vital to honor school employees who work with students on a daily basis. Overall, the existence of Score a Goal in the Classroom is solely for the benefit of students, administrators, educators and employees. In the process, attaining the mission — training, encouraging and molding the leaders of our future.

Score A Goal in the Classroom

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